Career and Biography of Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams– Chairman and owner of DM plc

Adrian has been successfully involved in marketing for most of his career since he studied Economics and Marketing at Aberystwyth University.

He started Strike Lucky Games Ltd in 1993 and it has now been trading for 23 years.  In October 2004 DM plc was formed and the group also includes Purely Creative Ltd, which has also been trading for over 20 years.  It operates a wide variety of imaginative games in leading newspapers and magazines.

Adrian Williams said after the acquisition of Data Locator Group Ltd in November 2008 that “DLG is one of the largest providers of consumer lifestyle data to the UK direct marketing industry and provides DM with the opportunity to create the market leading fully integrated off and online lead generation and direct marketing services group.”

Shortly afterwards in April 2009 PDV Ltd, an online and offline lead generation business, was acquired which Adrian Williams said presented the group with the opportunity to rapidly establish an influential market position in consumer lifestyle database marketing and strengthen the Group’s position as a leading provider of database management services.  Together DLG and PDV are now the UK’s largest providers of consumer lifestyle data.

Accolade Publishing Ltd was acquired by Adrian in 2005 and it now operates the largest online comping websites, including: and and joined the DM plc group in September 2015.  It has now been successfully integrated.

Adrian Williams was delighted to announce in 2017 that Transactis had joined the DM plc group. The Transactis database legally provides the best and most compliant data in the industry.

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